France Eases Covid Travel Restrictions, But No Hope For Ski Vacation Yet – The Bharat Express News

Britons traveling for work can travel to France again after the country’s Covid rules were relaxed slightly for the first time since a near-total ban on visitors from the UK was put in place last month in amid an increase in omicron cases.

Travel is still only allowed for essential reasons, but business travel is now allowed with immediate effect as long as the traveler has a letter from their employer stating that the visit cannot be postponed.

British citizens with a domicile in another EU country are now also officially allowed to cross France.

The changes were welcomed by Alexandre Holroyd, a French MP, who said it was “a first step towards easing travel restrictions, which I continue to advocate”.

Travelers will still need to present full proof of vaccination and a negative Covid test performed within 24 hours, along with all existing documents.